How to Become an RPG Publisher?

How to Become an RPG Publisher? How did I get into this game thing? Well, I’ve been a Gamemaster since I was 11; started off with boxed Dungeons and Dragons and then moved to Chivalry and Sorcery, DragonQuest, Tunnels and Trolls, RuneQuest — the usual suspects, other than Dungeons and Dragons. Being a player was (and still is) a rare thing, although I did pick up an award for top player in a convention in the ’90s. Nostalgic memory there…

On to my game. This game I discovered on its release. One of the few shops stocking roleplaying games in New Zealand had a copy, plus the Barsaive boxed set and Mists of Betrayal. I paid the money, and got an addiction in return. Looking back, I’m not sure what it was about the game that appealed so much. I mean, personally, I had GM’d so many games over the years that the prospect of another was, well, no big deal. But I read the core rulebook and was hooked.

You see, for me, I’ve always wanted to run a game that allowed flexibility in every area I wanted to run in: horror, politics, dungeon crawls, big sweeping vistas — the “Gone With The Wind” of roleplaying games.

Don’t get me wrong: there are a lot of games that can claim this crown. But I wanted something that “made sense” (to me, anyway) and that’s where the ED game appealed. Was the game, designed from the outset to illicit this sort of emotion? I suspect not. But it did. And it stuck. And I took the time out to introduce my players to it, and they liked it, and it stuck with them. So much so, in fact, that it is now (officially) the longest running campaign we have run to date.

Anyway, rant mode aside, on to how this became the focus of it. Richard Johnson (my business partner and occasional conscience) attended a convention at which I ran a series of my own games: nothing major, just a trio of sessions that effectively formed a “contiguous ED session.” But I must have struck a nerve (probably that near encounter with the wormskull), because he was impressed enough to start collecting ED books — everything Richard could get his hands on, including one of my spare sets of books — and then came up with the idea of approaching Wizkids (who had the rights at the time) for an ED license. I confess I laughed at the idea. Although I had been running my own “House Rules” variant for a while, the idea of actually getting a license seemed, well, kinda far-fetched, to be honest. Boy, was I surprised when Wizkids came back with a “show us what you are proposing” response. At this point things started getting a little more serious…

How I Became an RPG Publisher?

I don’t know how you all approach life, the universe and everything, but I have some clear goals in my life. One of these has always been to turn my hobby into a career. Like many people, I have entertained the idea of becoming the “next big thing” in writing — churning out novels at a frenetic pace, and having publishers approach me in droves, all vying for my business and attention. However, being a Cancerian, and therefore somewhat conservative in my approach to things, the likelihood of this happening was, well, remote; maybe until I had retired, anyway. I digress…

So, Richard had pushed the button, Wizkids had answered, and we needed to consider whether we were seriously going to pursue this license. Richard asked me what I thought. I thought a lot about it (as one should). And my first thought was, “OK. Yes. Why not?” So that’s where we started. More on this later…

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Small Size Graphic Arts in Europe

THE CAREER OF SMALL PRINTS sculptures, paintings, fabrics and pottery, whose development has been observed for a few years now, is caused by a number of reasons, both artistic and sociological. Among the most important is the atomization in the 1970s of previously homogeneous trends and art ideologies homogeneous into independent individual quests of artists, unwilling to join teams or groups. The most frequent terms used to describe the situation in contemporary, divided art, are “individual mythologies” or “Individual codes”, which reflects the attitude according to which only artists’ personal reasons are trustworthy. Continue reading

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My Thesis Writing Activity

My Thesis Writing Activity seems like I’m in hell. I’m not talking about the thesis directly, I’m talking about the weather. 34° C in Cambridge – it’s unnatural. I had to leave the office yesterday and go work in the shade of Neil’s garden; I was well on my way to heat stroke. I’ve hit my stride with this chapter, finally. (Creative) writing is like hunger: once you are past the pangs of starvation, you stop feeling it altogether. I toyed with the doggy at lunch time, but there was no spark there. Good. It’s easier to work that way. Continue reading

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Schedules and Timelines

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to come by. This site is here simply to indulge my tendancies to post stuff on the internet. Here you will find some select texts that I think are worth reading. Hopefully I will be able to get some unique ones for you. Continue reading

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RWA Games

I received a reply from one of visitors to this site, and did an RWA on it. It is a good game because it isnt so perfect as most of the pro replays are, but it still features some good action and play. However, I have still done some RWA’s, so I will be posting one a day for the next little while. Continue reading

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PC Revolution – IBM history

Thirty years ago IBM made one of the few company decisions that would impact mankind for ever. The concept for the first PC was formulated and the world has not been the same since.
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